Welcome to the Year of the Black Water Dragon – 2012

While this is a Water dragon as Australians know it, it is not what is being referred to in the Chinese zodiac. They refer to the ‘regular’ mythical dragon which symbolically is considered powerful and auspicious. From the 5 elements, this year partners water with the Dragon and the colour associated with that element is black. Hence Year of the Black Water Dragon.

Celebrating New Year in China is like being in a war zone. When I was there a few years ago, I was able to participate with my own box of various fireworks and crackers and join everyoone else on the streets and roofs of Beijing. I was amazed that the incessant noise 24/7 for the whole New Year week made the Sydney Olympics firework dislay look like a solitary sparkler!

I was living on the 19th floor at the time and so was at an amazing height to see fireworks exploding at eye level. When I spent time on the roof of an apartment block with friends, I was astounded to see nonstop explosions as far as I could see, in all directions. Dogs barked continuously, babies cried and I can’t believe anyone slept well for days. I remember thinking to myself that it would be the perfect time to invade China because people would think bombs etc were just festivities!

Anyhow, this has been my first entry for some time and I’m not sure how we’ll go with keeping it up. It previously got completely overwhelmed with Spam and bots clogging up the system but I’m hoping the filters and controls are better now.

Train well,

Sifu Jason


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