Brisbane Kung Fu Classes

Shaolin Kung Fu (Kungfu) Classes

Brisbane Kung Fu classes and locations are steadily growing across the South East Queensland region. With classes available in Shaolin Kung Fu (kungfu/gongfu), Tai Ji (tai chi/ taijiquan), Qi Gong (qigong/ chi kung), and Xing Yi (xingyi/ hsing i), we have specialised adult classes, kids classes, classes for advanced students and private training available also. Main locations are Macgregor, Mt Gravatt and Springwood. Please download a copy of our timetable at the bottom of this page.

Chinese Martial Art Classes

Sifu Jason KingYou will find our training environment relaxed and friendly, yet serious and respectful. You’ll benefit from smaller class sizes and will be able to concentrate on your preferred focus, whether that be fitness, self defence, artistry or relaxation. It doesn’t matter if you’re still in high school or are of pensioner age, you will still find yourself welcomed and challenged. Whether you have prior training or are a beginner, there is certainly plenty for you to experience as our instructors strive to assist you develop to your fullest potential physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically.

External training is where the training is focussed on the physical aspects in the early stages and the qi (energy aspects) are developed in the advanced stages. Most styles of kung fu are considered predominantly external and this class is where we teach the Shaolin, Weapons, Qin Na, Shuai Jiao disciplines.

In the Internal class, you will learn Tai Ji, Xing Yi, Ba Gua and Qi Gong. Here the focus will begin with elements such as relaxation, breathing and qi development. The advanced stages are where you will further develop the practical applications, and the necessary physical development.

Shaolin Long Fist Kung Fu (Chang Quan)

This style made famous by the Shaolin Monks and eminently portrayed by the likes of Jackie Chan and Jet Li is known as an external northern style. Long Fist Kung Fu is renowned for its long range striking techniques (particularly kicks), legwork, strong stances, speed, agility and fluidity. The advanced long fist Kung Fu techniques you will learn, include Qin Na (joint manipulation and muscle/tendon seizing), and Shuai Jiao throws and takedowns. As you progress, you will be introduced to various forms of weapon training as well as groundwork (grappling). Those of you looking predominantly for self defence, fitness and confidence would be best served by this class.

Tai Ji (Tai Chi or Taijiquan)

Tai Ji is best described as “moving meditation” and has diversely evolved around the world from its battlefield origins. In most schools, you will learn Tai Ji purely for artistry and relaxation and it is ideally suited for both. With your attention on breathing, posture, flow and relaxation, you will find yourself able to cope with the stresses and tensions that modern society brings. As you develop further, you will learn about qi (cellular energy) and how the awareness and control of qi can aid your health. Indeed, Tai Ji is widely used for a myriad of conditions, ranging from heart conditions, blood pressure, arthritis, joint and muscular rehabilitation and much, much more. You will also learn what the applications of the movements are used for, whether it be the unbalancing of an opponent, the parrying of a sword or some sort of strike or takedown. These historical and cultural applications give an important insight to the intention of the movement.

Xing Yi Quan (Hsing I)

With Xing Yi, you will learn dynamic linear footwork and to move your body as a single uniformed unit. Applications typically involve simultaneous attacks and defence with small efficient movement. The five elements are used to introduce combat tactics to the student through constructive and destructive cycles. You will also learn 12 animal styles within the curriculum which are not just about the physical imitation of animals but the utilisation of their various strategies and principles. In the advanced stages you will learn to apply qi to your movements and begin learning weapons such as the xing yi dao (broadsword) and spear.

Ba Gua Quan (Pa Kua)

Translated as 8 trigram palm (referring to the ancient Chinese classic text I Ching), Ba Gua is renowned for its circular footwork and distinctive palm techniques. With this style you will develop excellent evasion skills and to incorporate your qi into the many various striking and grappling techniques. This is a very fluid style which uses the twisting and spiralling movements to generate power. At advanced stages, Ba Gua is easily integrated with the Tai Ji biomechanics.

Qi Gong (Chi Kung)

Qi is the energy we have in the body which is chiefly created through the air we breathe and the food we eat. It largely correlates with Adenosine Tri Phosphate (ATP) in Western biology and is what traditional Chinese Medicine is founded upon. For you as a student, Qi Gong will be the use of qi through exercises to promote good health, maximise fluidity and efficiency in movement. At an advanced level, qi gong will augment your practical application of techniques.

Class Locations

The new 2023 timetable can be downloaded here