Student Of The Year

Student of The Year

Student of The Year Award – This award is obviously the pinnacle within Brisbane Kung Fu and is recognition of Excellence in all areas. Usually the winner will have already demonstrated their worthiness in taking out or being runner up in several of the earlier awards.

2015 Brisbane Kung Fu Student of the Year - Louise Lee
2015 Brisbane Kung Fu Student of the Year – Louise Lee

For 2015, this recipient has been well involved in all areas, great attendance, assisting with demonstrations and tournaments, well involved in social events. They are well appreciated and liked within their classes due to their willingness to assist, and friendly welcoming nature. I have received many positive comments about this student over the year and am proud to see them become a great role model. Louise, please come forward to collect your award. Louise has become an integral part of our school, including her input on our committee being insightful and tremendously helpful. While her impressive involvement this year has seen lots of personal development and growth, I think what really impresses me the most is how much she has contributed to the school itself and many of the other students. If you have benefited from Louise’s interaction, make sure you give her a thank you at some stage today. Thank you Louise!

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