General Martial Arts Tournament Calendar

2022 Tournaments

A new year brings new opportunities. Currently there are several tournament circuits to choose from depending whether you want to do grappling, sword work, full contact, tai ji, a range of styles, or a mix. If anyone would like to promote any other tournaments, feel free to suggest them to me at

Remember that while tournaments offer little to resemble ‘real fighting’ or self defence, they can be a good opportunity to pit yourself against an unknown opponent, style, and to put yourself and your training under a little pressure. At the very least you get a sense of how you react under stress and what in your training is ingrained and what falls apart. So treat it as a learning experience not a competitive experience.

If you’re unsure about competing, consider joining in forms, demonstrations first so you can see first hand what the sparring elements are like. Although the unknown can be overwhelming, most find that it is no more confronting than what they might do during class. Supporters are always appreciated too, so even coming along to watch and cheer for your team mates would give you a chance to see what is involved.

I discuss in more detail the difference between competition fighting and real self defence in my blog entry here:

To see a listing of trophy winners, click here.

OrganiserEventEvent TypeLocationDate
NASNational All StylesRound 1Carra Stadium, Gold Coast15/03/2020
NASNational All StylesRound 2Carra Stadium, Gold Coast3/05/2020
NASNational All StylesRound 3Carra Stadium, Gold Coast12/07/2020
NASNational All StylesRound 4Carra Stadium, Gold Coast30/08/2020
NASNational All StylesState TitlesCarra Stadium, Gold Coast18/10/2020