New Classes and Exciting Projects

It’s been a promising week business wise. Started 3 new classes at Beaudesert on Thursday afternoons. It’s an after school care Arts Program using the facilities at St Mary’s Primary.

First class is 5-8 year olds and after trialling yesterday have decided it will be mostly fun and games involving exercise. Sebastian, Vari, and Jade to start off in this class.

Defending against grabs

Second class is the 9-12 year olds, with a couple of boisterous brothers (Dylan and Ethan), Malekai and another girl.

These kids are more interested in the martial side so I’ll be focussing on self defence, tiny bit of weapons work (sticks) and again, fitness and exercise.


Defence against grabs

The last class will be 13 years to adults and I’m hoping word of mouth will get some more high school kids and parents involved. Grayson and Shannon did really well trying to coordinate all the things I was getting them to do.

The focus will be on Tai Ji especially its health and stress relieving aspects. Great for teenagers!

  Grasp Sparrows Tail – Press


Another school has approached me for their school sports program at St Lucia on Friday afternoons and will hopefully kick off next month.  A schools based community group have also asked if I’d be involved in a term long performance project directing kids with physical skills. That’ll take care of Wed afternoons!

Most exciting potential project is a program involving Griffith University and Gold Coast Hospital. We’re looking to implement a rehabilitation program with cardiac related patients. I’d love to get this off the ground but naturally with Queensland Health there’s going to be lots of bureaucracy and red tape to get through.

But for now, my focus is getting through the weekend filming for Australia’s Got Talent. I have some sore joints from over training so I hope the adrenaline helps get me through!  Not allowed to say too much about the show but I’ll hint at how I go  🙂

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