Brisbane Kungfu Photo Gallery

Brisbane Kung Fu Photo Galleries

Brisbane Kungfu Camps

Brisbane Kungfu training campsEach year we aim to hold 2 weekend long training camps somewhere in South East Queensland, often Gold Coast Hinterland or Sunshine Coast. These are awesome events to participate in as the activities are usually lots of fun, advanced material and/or material that we don’t get a chance to do often in a class environment. For example, bodyguard work, fight choreography, weapon sparring, stealth training and more.

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Brisbane Kungfu Tournaments and Competitions

Brisbane Kung Fu TournamentsThere are lots of local opportunities for students who wish to compete in tournaments; events include sparring, full contact fighting, grappling, forms demonstrations, weapons demonstrations, and more. Many of these tournament circuits have State and National ranked competitions as well. Again, this is a welcome opportunity for students to test their skills against other competitors and styles.

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Brisbane Kungfu Demonstrations

Brisbane Kungfu DemonstrationsOur school tends to participate in several demonstrations each year. Some for community support, some for marketing and fundraising. They are a great opportunity for students to test themselves under pressure by performing for an audience. In recent years, we have done a lot for Children’s Day, Harmony Day and Multicultural Day through the World Harmony Society.

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Social Events

Brisbane Kungfu Social EventsWe have a host of social events through the year. These can be dinners, sporting events, movie nights, outings and our Annual Banquet. They are a great opportunity to socialise with classmates outside of a training environment and also to meet and interact with members from other classes and locations.

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Brisbane Kungfu Training and Classes

Brisbane Kung Fu Training ClassesSometimes a teacher or student (or external photographer) wants to practice taking martial arts shots and it’s interesting to see how they turn out given the difficulty of the subject matter. Speed and complexity of movement, lighting etc contribute to the dynamics.

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Brisbane Kungfu MiscA wide range of material not fitting one of the categories above 🙂

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