Purposeful Living


As much as we don’t (generally) enjoy going to work, there is something that can help us persevere with it. It’s a saying I heard a long time ago and I’ve used it ever since.

“It is better to work so that you can live, than live so that you can work”.

Seems obvious but how many people waste away the years for no apparent purpose. If you are working for the money (which I currently am, and I suspect most people do), then make sure you use some of that money to treat yourself. Save up for a holiday, travel overseas, see some shows or concerts, whatever it is that you would love to do if money wasn’t an option. If you work for the satisfaction your job gives you, great! But make sure other satisfactions in your life don’t suffer for it.

In my case, my job is completely dissatisfying (except for the pay packet). But I’m making a choice to suffer in the short term so that I can be more satisfied in the long term. When I can buy or build my own academy in a couple of years time (hopefully), I can earn my living following my passion, teaching and training martial arts.

So if you’re working for a purpose, it is easier to get up in the mornings, to get through the day and to unwind at night. If you don’t have a purpose, come up with one or be brave enough to make a change to your worklife. No one lies on their death bed wishing they spent more time at work!

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  1. > In my case, my job is completely dissatisfying (except for the pay packet).

    Lucky is the man who has a job he can be dissatisfied with.

    And you have the rare opportunity seldom available to Kung Fu Masters to develop a new form called “停止慢的” 🙂

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