Virtuous Qualities – Confidence

CONFIDENCE is being certain and feeling sure. Confidence in someone else comes from trusting that person. Confidence in yourself comes from trusting yourself. When you are confident in yourself, you can do things without self doubt holding you back. Being self confident means you know your own strengths and weaknesses, and yet you still believe in yourself.

By practising confidence you are willing to try new things knowing that you will learn even if you make mistakes. Being confident means believing in yourself even if nobody else does.

You don’t have to wait until you know something before feeling confident. You can feel confident first, and then know that you will always get better and better at something. Feeling confident in your abilities opens up every opportunity for you. It means being able to step into the unknown. It means achieving your goals and being successful. Being self confident is the first step to a happy and successful life.

Try new things and feel good about it. Be gentle with yourself. Understand that you are here to learn and making mistakes is a natural process of learning. Understand your strengths and weaknesses but rather than using them to hold you back, use them to push yourself forward.

Scientific research has shown that a person who doesn’t appear confident is far more likely to be the victim of an assault than someone showing strength and purpose. So if you’re bullied or walked over at school or work, or don’t feel safe walking down the street at night, you can reduce the chance of victimisation by appearing to be confident. Walk with a purpose, your shoulders back, head held high.

The exciting thing is, if your physical body at least looks confident, you can ‘trick’ your brain into believing it is confident because the brain associates that positive body language with a strength of mind. I have used this tool constantly as a teacher , competitor and performer and can vouch for it working!!


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