Thoughts on the Bushfires Tragedy

As Anthony Fernando said this week, it’s hard to write something inspirational in the wake of something so terrible. Over 200 lives lost and incredible devastation. Amongst the many, many options of donations etc., I liked the following one where people have the option of helping in many different ways. If everyone does a little bit, the results will be tremendous so see what you can do to help.

Our Community has packaged up in one place all the various ways people can help out and give to people affected by the Victorian bushfires through our Giving Centre – which is proudly supported by our alliance partner Westpac Bank.

The page describes where to:

  • Donate Money (Online, at Banks & Australia Post Offices);
  • Donate Time;
  • Donate Blood;
  • Donate Clothes or Furniture;
  • Donate Blankets;
  • Help Animals;
  • and more.

The page is at

This is a one-stop-shop to help out individuals and workplaces who want to contribute to the emergency and recovery efforts. Please feel free to place the link on your own websites etc and spread the word. If you would like an image for your own page you can find some downloadable images here:

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The Our Community Team


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