Self Aggrandization


for the lack of anything interesting to say about myself today, here’s what  some others think. Makes me blush!

The weekend of the 7th & 8th March saw our Zen Chi Ryu Dojo host a Tai Chi Seminar with guest instructor Sifu Jason King.  Planning for this seminar began in the latter stages of 2008 and early 2009 when initial contact was made with Jason after an extensive Web search.  Jason was very approachable and keen to share his martial arts experience with our Dojo and so the date was settled and preparations began in earnest.

My interest in Tai Chi goes back a long way and its elegant and graceful moves coupled with the proven health benefits for mind, body and spirit enticed me to learn more.  I had participated in a series of Tai Chi Workshops in 2006, during which we were taught a ‘form’ and I thoroughly enjoyed that learning experience and believe that it complimented my growing knowledge base of the Martial Arts and Zen Chi Ryu in particular.

My previous experience was in an all female class with a female instructor and there seemed to be a calmness and serenity about the group. This weekend just passed, I thoroughly enjoyed working through this seminar with a number of males of varying ages including teenagers who gave the group a different energy and vibe whilst maintaining the calmness and focus.

When organising this seminar, I had no set expectations, but rather wanted to immerse myself and others in the experience.  We left it up to Jason to decide what he wanted to share with our group of novices and he delivered over and above expectations.  I found Jason to be very open, caring and passionate about his craft. He is eager to share and is a kind and patient instructor.


Jason allowed us to experience a number of building blocks of Tai Chi including the importance of warming up the body; the importance of stretching prior to exercise as well as stretching to increase flexibility.  We experienced and practiced Abdominal Breathing Exercises; Qi Gong Meditation; Sixth Sense Awakening; Tai Chi Applications in self defence as well as learning of the links between Tai Chi and Kung Fu.  The younger males in the group asked if Jason could perform a Kung Fu Kata for them and he did not disappoint.  He was lightening fast in his moves; powerful in the execution of strikes and kicks; athletic in his performance of jumps and rolls and extremely flexible in his deep stances…..Wow!!!

Woven throughout the weekend was the teaching of the 13th Form (Kata).  On the last day, we asked Sifu Jason to perform this Form so that we all had an idea of what it should look like when done by a person of his experience.  Jason was mesmerizing.  He moved through the eight directions of the form with poise and grace and we were all left wanting more.  It is now up to us to practice this Form to the best of our ability to ensure that upon Jason’s return, we might look even a fraction as elegant and graceful as he did.

It is testament to Jason’s interpersonal and teaching skills, that when parents began to arrive to pick up their teens, none of us had any idea that time had passed so quickly, leaving us with a thirst for more.  Jason is keen to return to Gladstone to continue where he left off and we are arranging another weekend mid year, which we are all eagerly anticipating.

On a personal note, I enjoyed the weekend immensely.  Jason was welcomed into our home and our circle of close friends and it was great to get to know him and share stories and experiences about martial arts and life in general. – Sempai Kate Reilly

Such kind words. I look forward to returning in August!


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