When it Rains, it Pours!

Well, I’m glad that weeks over! Phew!

My recently serviced and fixed up car broke down again, so I went and got another hire vehicle. I needed it because I was doing night shift teaching on top of my day time labouring all week – crazy long days and very little sleep. It was an absolute overload but I really enjoy teaching at this particular acting institution – QAP. The Qld Actor’s Playhouse. It’s refreshing to have students who are eager, skilled and committed and it’s a reflection on the staff and the school as a whole. I just hope next time I get more than a couple of days notice before getting called in!

So then my hire vehicle broke down. (Well – a flat battery thanks to someone sticky beaking and leaving an interior light on). If that was all I would have smiled and moved on but THEN I picked up my car from the mechanics – supposedly fixed – and broke down on Hale St in peak hour. I must have run over a black cat recently or something! Anyway, did a self repair job on the radiator and some hoses, managed to make it home and took it back to the mechanics the next day.  Their response? Dunno. “Must have been an air bubble – seems alright now but?” So I left frustrated and not too confident – however so far no further problems so fingers crossed.

Had a good acro class on the weekend. Can’t wait to get good photos of the new balances we have. It’s challenging, a work out and rewarding to do the hard postures we do!

I’m looking forward to returning to singing lessons next week. Priority is the 3 duets I’m singing next weekend for a friends recital and then I want to start some new material. “November Rain”, “Hymn to Her” (with lyric tweaks), “Easy” are next on the list.

After such a big week I wouldn’t be upset to have a couple of days off due to rain. Plenty to do at home including rearranging the house.

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