Self Esteem

After a month of everything falling apart, (job, relationship, car – even a cockroach landing in my thickshake!), I thought it incredibly ironic to be asked at that time to do a Motivational Speech talk on Self Esteem. I was interested but not sure I could pull it off. After all, my whole life I’ve tended to take in large presentations of information in various forms only to regurgitate it succintly in a ‘nutshell’. I even pride myself on being able to analyse, condense and summate. Hence my trepidation.

The project was an absolute gift. Being at a low point not felt in many years I wasn’t exactly flying high in the confidence stakes even if it wasn’t particularly obvious to those around me (still got those acting skills).  The gift was looking at my journey (from conception! to now) and the transformations I had gone through. If anyone is interested I’m considering transcribing my talk into written form.

Anyhow, taking the time to see how far I have come and what I’ve already persevered through and accomplished made me feel pretty good again. Plus the fact I haven’t thrown myself in the deep end for a while so it was great to challenge myself. As I said in the talk, if you tackle a challenge and give it a good shot you’ll feel good about it and get a buzz.

So a good weekend in all. Went to the rellies on Saturday night and found some more family tree research. So many skeletons!  So far we’ve come across adoptions, bigamy, homosexuality, incest, abuse, mental illness, refugeees, POW’s, and more. Fascinating stuff and we’re only 5% in! Sunday was a good day too. Took a friend Zorbing (rolling down a hill inside a water filled clear rubber ball) just like the coke ad in the 80’s. Great fun – followed by strawberry ice creams, Yatala pies, rock climbing, ping pong and fish and chips by the beach! An awesome active day, with variety and great company.  And the whole time being updated with the continuing successes of my students at the NAS tournament. 5 Competitors and 6 trophies brought home. I’m very proud of them all.

Have just sorted through over a thousand photos and decided to create a gallery. The new website will be the obvious place to do that in full. Meanwhile, I’ll put some up on the forum and I’m considering doing a Facebook profile for the school as well. Check my profile for the link. Actually, here it is –

If you click on the photos they come up in full.


  1. If you’re going to Facebook, why not go the whole hog? Video your speech and post it on Youtube, and set up a Twitter account. Everyone’s got one. Including Hugh Jackman, who I think looks kind of like you. Which may be why you’ve never landed big Hollywood roles.
    Like Tom Hanks brother. Whenever the turned up to an audition, they’d say “We like you. But you remind us too much of Tom Hanks.”

    It’s a comforting thought. More comforting than these:

    1. I’ve used (and enjoy) Facebook for a while and spent the day setting up a page for Brisbane Kung Fu. I think it’ll be good. It may even be more utilised than the forums since FB has much more variety to keep people coming back. Just looking into whether threads can be done on Facebook. Plus the forum and blog get spammed by robots all the time and FB I’ve never had a problem!

      I enjoyed the demotivators too! 😉

      Yeah, Hugh and I go way back.

      But Twitter – I don’t think so. Feels like a waste of time telling the world my ‘status’ all the time. But I am going to upload more on the site and you tube – stay tuned!

  2. Hey Jason,

    Good blog post! I understand all to well about life’s frustrations – and how when it rains, it pours, so to speak! I too found it very useful to reflect on how I far I’ve come. Needless to say, my life cannot go 1 week without something completely unexpected happening.

    I always find blogs like this interesting – John Will has them as well from time to time, I think it’s an inherent in all good Martial Artists, to always strive – even in adversity.

    1. Thanks Daniel!

      If you think of a topic you’d like me to write about let me know. As much as I try to inspire others, I often run out of inspiration myself! Have a great weekend.


  3. > Yeah, Hugh and I go way back.
    to the early days of the Sydney Opera Center? 🙂

    > But Twitter – I don’t think so. Feels like a waste of time telling the world my ’status’ all the time.
    I wholeheartedly agree. For that matter you can say the same of Facebook, MySpace and spending hours in front of Youtube. Nevertheless its where the crowds hang out these days.

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