2009 New Year Goals

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Here’s to the New Year. The new year brings an opportunity to start afresh, begin new things, start things we intended to but never got around to. It’s a good time to set some goals, not just for the year ahead but some shorter term goals (and maybe longer as well).

Some of my Brisbane Kung Fu related goals for 2009 include the following:

  • Grade Level 10
  • Continue saving for school hall development
  • Begin writing Wu Zen Dao book
  • Put more videos in the members section (and create some CD’s)
  • Developing Kung Fu as a fighting event (Regional, State, National then Olympic)
  • Give the website a new look
  • Complete a marathon

If you’re stuck for starters, have a look at your current fitness level (especially over the holidays and with all the Christmas puddings!).

Compare that to where you want to be and when you want to get there (say 5km run in 25mins by July), then make some stepping stone goals to help you get there. Stepping stone goals are crucial because they make a larger goal seem more obtainable, plus they act as guideposts and let you know if you’re on track to reaching your goal.

Yours in Ming,

Sifu Jace

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