Adaptability – Go With the Flow!!

As soon as I was prepared for a bit of time off, I started making plans. This included dentist appointments, social catch ups, inductions for other job possibilities. And then, my old work rang me and ask me to come back ! After only 3 days off!

So it’s good I’ve got my job back, but it can be sure frustrating having circumstances keep changing on you! It is important however to be flexible with your approach to life or else changes that occur will throw you for a spin. Most people are scared of change because they are used to being in their comfort zone. I approach change as though it is something to be excited about, after all, we have one (that much we can be certain of!) lifetime here on earth and I believe we should experience as much as possible. Unfortunately, change to most people is something they are scared of and as a result miss out on maximising their satisfaction.

I dislike hearing people complain about their job, relationship, finances, training or whatever, when they don’t attempt to change their circumstances. They themselves have the strongest opportunity to try something different, apply for a different job etc.

In martial arts its crucial to go with the flow, if your opponent does something unexpected you can’t ignore it and keep doing what you were doing. You have to adapt and let go of preemption. A mental resistance will create a physical resistance and then its too late.

My spar in Kokoda is a good example. When I expected some close range handwork and instead got a flying kick to the head, I had to change my attack or get knocked silly.  Only by being relaxed and open to adaptibility did I manage to get a block up in time, and an evasive movement out of the way.

Likewise, there have been times in grappling where I didn’t want to give up a grip or hold I had even though it wasn’t fully working. Then my opponent was able to get my submission because he was more open to adapting his moves.

See you at class!



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