Virtuous Qualities – Self-discipline


Discipline means order. Self-discipline means self-order. With self-order you bring order into your life. You decide what order you would like in your life and then you work towards achieving it. Without self-discipline your life can float along without meaning and purpose. You then risk feeling depressed and apathetic or chaotic and pressured. There are still times for being carefree and you still need to be flexible and open to change; the difference is that with self-discipline you take control of your destiny.

Practise self-discipline to take charge of your life. Decide what direction your taking and set about doing the work to make sure it happens. Decide what to do with your emotions. Think before you act. Sometimes emotions are so strong they cloud our judgement.

Practise self-discipline by thinking about what you want to do. Create a plan to do it. Break your goal down into smaller goals and give yourself realistic timeframes to do them in. Follow a routine to allow it to happen. Then don’t give up. After a while your routine will become second nature and your plan will be underway. You will end up with more confidence knowing you can achieve what you set your mind to. This will lead to greater freedom and taking charge of your destiny.

To sum up:

– don’t procrastinate

– make a step by step plan to


-when making decisions detach

or consider emotions

– get things done on time.

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