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My first day on “holidays” today. I started with a sleep in, some Wii time, some computer procrastinating time and then finally settled down to be a little more productive. I’ve spent this evening writing up a new bio. Anyone care to offer suggestions on it? It seems a bit long but I’m not sure if I can summarise it any further without just leaving bits out. Which seems ridiculous when you consider I want to do Bios for acting, singing, fight directing and clowning as well!


Sifu Jason King has been studying martial arts for over 21 years. Jason is highly regarded in the martial arts community for his great skill and comprehensive knowledge of martial arts, and his excellent, accessible teaching style.

Jason’s first substantial involvement in martial arts began with studying Togakure Ryu Ninjutsu for three years under Sensei John Nalder until Sensei Nalder’s retirement. This provided confidence, positive mentality, combat attitude and survival skills that remain to this day.

In 1990 Jason met Master Yi-Yen (Ian) Lee, who was at the time founding the Wu Zen Dao School in Brisbane, Australia. Initiated by Master Ian Lee, Jason was inducted as a disciple (private student) and trained daily in both the Internal and External martial arts. Jason lived with Master Lee for a year and in 1992 they traveled to Taiwan to meet and train under Master Lee’s own Grandmasters. By 1993 Jason achieved the rank of TaiJi Instructor, and the following year that of Shaolin Kung Fu Instructor. In 1995, Jason took over the running of classes at the school.

Jason has several referee accreditations including a 2nd level national judge within the National All Styles Tournament circuit. As a competitor, Jason has received well over 100 trophies in various tournament categories including forms, demonstrations, weapons and fighting (points sparring, grappling, push hands, continuous fighting and full contact). More than 30 have been for State, National or International Titles.

Jason has coaching qualifications recognized by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC). As well as having the school registered with the Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA) which is the peak Industry body for Martial Arts in Australia, Jason is involved on the Qld committee of the Australian Kung fu Wu Shu Federation (AKWF). He is acting in the role of Qld Liaison officer for Kung fu Fighting events. Establishing a local to national protocol will aid the long term goal of presenting Kung Fu to the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

In addition to his martial arts work, Jason is also an actor and accomplished stage fight choreographer, having featured in many plays and films. Currently he is the President of the Society of Australian Fight Directors Inc which is the governing body for the art forms of stage combat and fight direction in Australia.

In recent years, Jason trained in several security courses, culminating with not only security qualifications and extensive work in the security industry, but certification as an Executive Protection Officer (bodyguard) as well.

2009 sees Sifu Jason and his school in high demand for demonstrations, workshops, and displays with regular invitations to perform at National Titles and World Cups. In the future, there are plans to expand the academy and to publish several books and DVD’s.


  1. My 2c: IMHO It’s a bit dry. If you do prose, a more conversation style helps – since it makes it more likely people will read it through. Otherwise if you list quals, bullet point them since that lets people skim through them. Also when you head into a paragraph, telegraph early what the paragraph is about. This guy is a good writer (though his best writing isn’t necessarily on the front page) http://joelonsoftware.com/ With any communication, ask yourself not just what you’re writing, but why you’re writing it and what you want the reader to do/feel/want/seek/accomplish at the end.

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