Life Changes

Howdy all,

I’m pleased to say that I finally have my ‘new’ broadband established. Suffice to say, had I known the difficulties with Naked ADSL I wouldn’t have bothered. Perhaps I should thank TPG and Telstra for testing me on various virtues that I’ve written about!

I’m still on “holidays” meaning I’m in between work projects at the moment. I’m hoping that the Airport Tunnel Link will start soon. Else I’ll have to wait till September for a busway project at West End. Meanwhile, I can put some time into my school, some creative projects (acting, fight directing, singing) and keep an eye out for a potential date.   😉    Actually I had an acting gig lined up for today but it was unfortunately cancelled at the last minute. I was to be a pregnant man as a gimmick handing out flyers at the baby expo! A la Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Junior”.

Last night after visiting friends, I participated in a singing Masterclass. Great experience to give feedback on others and see the improvement and also to receive feedback on what I did. It’s surprising what they see and hear that you don’t yourself expect.singing-on-stage

Next week I will be finishing off my motorbike license and looking at getting a bike. I know it’s more dangerous but I figure I’m sensible enough and it’ll be much more convenient and economical. And I’ll look great in leathers! This is a bike I’m looking at maybe

Only 2 weeks till my marathon attempt! I really should have done about 50 times more preparation but oh well, I’ll see how I go. I’m not out to break any records though, I’m gonna take it easy. (well, as easy as 42km can be!)

Sad news this week with one my schools instructors heading into the last stage of his terminal cancer. I always think how sad it is when people reach that stage and find so many of their ‘friends’ unwilling or unable to share that stage. The friends discomfort seems to outweigh the patients need for comfort and company. Of course it’s unpleasant to go through it but I don’t think you can give a person a more meaningful gift than your time and thoughts in such a traumatic time. I’ll be visiting Sifu Ian later this week  and will pass on any messages?

An unexpected day off means I can do a bit of bludging, a bit of tidying up and a bit of work on the computer. I’m currently uploading some video clips  onto my Facebook Fan pages. It’s gonna take a few hours though!

Chat soon!

Sifu Jace

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  1. Welcome back to the Internets.

    Thoughts to the school instructor you’ve previously talked to us about. As we get older we’ll face our own bodies beginning to break down and people we know and love facing illnesses and eventually dying. That’s all part of life and we all need to learn to face it. Sooner is better. Running and hiding helps no one.

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