Kids Kung Fu Photo Gallery

Brisbane Kung Fu Kids Kung Fu Photo Gallery

In addition to regular training, the Kung Fu Kids curriculum includes special events including participation in the Adults class, group demonstrations, martial arts competitions, special guest instructors and the annual Kung Fu Kids camp.

Group Demonstrations

Brisbane Kung Fu regularly participate in community events such as Harmony Day and International Children’s Day Festivals. The Kung Fu kids are an integral part of the demonstration group, and this is an ideal opportunity to showcase the Kung Fu kids in action. Demonstrations typically include our stances, basic punches, basic kicks, evasion and Ba Shi Jia, which is our first martial art form. Click on the picture to see the photo album.

Special Guest Instructors

Throughout the year, special guest instructors from various disciplines come to the Kung Fu Kids class. With this comes fresh concepts and skills for the kids to learn.