Shifu Kevin The

Shifu Kevin The

Has been with Shifu Jason since the very beginning.
Shifu Kevin The has been training in Chinese Martial Arts for 25 years specialising predominantly in Tai Ji and the internal systems.

In 1990, Kevin began training Chinese Martial Arts under the tutelage of Master Ian Lee. After only a short while, he was selected along with Jason King to train privately as a disciple. Thus began a daily training session over a period of one year.

While enjoying the kung fu and weapons training as well, Kevin found a strong affinity to Tai Ji Quan and showed tremendous potential in learning the subtleties and nuances of this ancient form of martial art. He found it not only very relaxing during his many years of tertiary education, but also extremely effective as a form of self-defence. Shifu Kevin achieved his Instructorship in 1993 and still finds teaching extremely rewarding.

Under Master Lee’s continued guidance he has acquired a high skill level in many different Tai Ji routines, including a range of weapons. Shifu Kevin has also developed an understanding of the applications of the techniques, including push hands, and has furthered his encompassment of Qi Gong.

Shifu Kevin is very pleased to be able to pass on these valuable skills to his students. He believes that the benefits of improved health, relaxation, confidence and physical capabilities should be available to everyone.

Shifu Kevin’s bio can be downloaded here