Shi Jie Louise Lee

Shi Jie Louise Lee

Shaolin long fist weapons is his forte, particularly long staff, nunchaku, and dao (Chinese Broadsword).
Shaolin long fist weapons are her forte, particularly long staff, and dao (Chinese Broadsword).

Louise began training with Brisbane Kung Fu in 2012 at our Bardon class after first trying a few other martial arts styles. Drawn to the rich history and variety that Kung Fu provides, Louise started private lessons in 2014 with ShiGong Jason. Her unquenchable thirst for in-depth understanding of the technical details and her own self-improvement has seen Louise continue private tuition to this day and it is clearly apparent in her high level of expertise and knowledge she demonstrates today. Louise has often supported her training with various fitness pursuits even on top of a hectic kung fu attendance. Most years she has been the frontrunner for lessons attended. Louise enjoys understanding the techniques/applications of the many forms she has learnt, has a keen interest in self-defence and believes being able to defend one’s self is a skill everyone should have access to.
Louise enjoys sharing her knowledge and assisting students in their own martial arts journey and is very much appreciated by all her peers for her willingness to assist when required. Louise enjoys setting and achieving goals, in particular learning new weapons skills and loves to challenge herself as demonstrated by her participation in many obstacle courses etc. with ShiGong Jason over the years.

Louise has attended every available adult training camp, many of the BKF kid’s camps, and has often been an instrumental part of their success and a huge help to the other instructors. Louise has challenged herself by competing in tournaments (culminating in placings at a state level in just her first few months), joining in many demonstrations and participating in workshops knowing that it is great for her development to extend her comfort zone.

Louise has been a consistent member of Brisbane Kung Fu’s committee for many years, taking on the role of Student Liaison Officer for any concerns within the membership, and also Social Coordinator. This has been particularly great in developing a greater ‘family’ network within the school.

Despite the challenge of being a shift worker and significant injuries in recent years, Louise has completed a grading every year she has trained, bar one. Her focus and dedication is evident in having been awarded Student of the Year (our school’s highest honour), in 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018, the only student to have done so a record four times. Shi Jie Louise is the first female to grade to the instructor ranks in the school’s 30-year history and has been a particular inspiration to numerous other females past and present; she looks forward to assisting more students reaching the higher ranks.

Shi Jie Louise embodies the very essence of Kung Fu; roughly translated to skill achieved through hard work and practice over a long time, proving hard work does pay off.

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