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Traditional Chinese Kung Fu Weapons

[Lee and King are Unstoppable!]

Brisbane Kung Fu offers training in a wide range of weapons. This training is usually incorporated directly into the martial arts. A weapon is, after all, an extension of the hand/body. In Ancient China, kung fu weapons began as utensils of war, over centuries evolving into becoming a sport and an art. In forms, students learn displays with weapons that are elegant and beautiful to watch. Correctly executed however, there should be a clear martial purpose behind the movements.

Students begin by learning the principles of evasion. They are thus able to close with and evade a weapon being swung about by an opponent, even at close quarters! Exercises with sticks and staffs teach the students coordination and flexibility. A student chooses a weapon as much as the weapon chooses the student. Thus we offer students the opportunity to choose and learn about weapons of interest to them. These could be the short or long staff, sword, spear, guan dao, nunchaku and other flexible weapons. We also integrate self defence training, teaching students how best to handle themselves in situations where they may be faced with modern weapons on the street. At all times we give the safety of our students the highest priority.

Update: The Kung Fu Weapons System has been revised and in addition to forms, include things such as unarmed defence against weapons, weapon drills, weapon sparring, two-person forms and specific techniques to individual weapons.


  1. Evasion and Blocking
  2. Escrima (Shuang Bang) Drills and Disarms
  3. Short Staff (Shaolin Bang) – Form and Techniques
  4. Long Staff (Shaolin Gun) – Forms and Techniques
  5. Broadsword (Dao) – Form and Techniques
  6. Knife Defence and Knife Throwing, Straight Sword (Jian) – Form and Techniques
  7. Flexible Weapons (Nunchaku, 3 Section Staff, and Chain Whip)
  8. Spear and Applications

Fan, Guan Dao, Rope Dart, Double Hooks and more also available.

Shonika performing Shaolin Fan

Demonstrating Traditional Chinese Weapons at the 2013 Fundraiser.


Your instructor is ShiGong Jason King with 30+ years experience in martial arts, trained by Master Ian Lee.

We hold evening classes around Brisbane in several locations each week. We cater for all paces and levels, from beginner to advanced. Please click here for our timetable. Your first lesson is free.

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