Shi Xiong Chris Fanning

Shi Xiong Chris Fanning

Brisbane Kung Fu welcomes Shi Xiong Chris Fanning
Martial Arts in Brisbane are well served with instructors like Chris Fanning.

Shi Xiong Chris was welcomed into the Brisbane Kung Fu family in 2008 and immediately set down the path of Internal Martial Arts. He began training with the guidance of the skilled instructors at BKF, particularly Shifu Richard Nicholls and Shifu Kevin The. Drawing from a background in Chow Gar Tong Long (Southern Mantis Kung Fu), Chris was quickly attracted to the direct and aggressive nature of Xing Yi Quan and is now training in the style exclusively.

Martial scholarship and research into Xing Yi Quan has inspired Chris to pursue a deeper understanding of Internal Martial Arts with an ardour for internal biomechanics and energetics. Through practicing Internal Martial Arts, Chris has discovered a profound wealth of knowledge and practices which have personally benefited his own rehabilitation from injury.

With an instructor grading now under his belt, Chris is enthusiastic about the opportunity to help pass on some of the Xing Yi Quan skills he has learned along the way.

Complementing the considerable experience and expertise of Shifu Richard Nicholls, Shi Xiong Chris eagerly takes on the challenge of more responsibility as assistant-instructor of the Xing Yi Quan curriculum.

Shi Xiong Chris Fanning’s bio can be downloaded here.