Sifu Jason’s Wedding!!

Well, it’s been a big month for me. The biggest event of my life occurred one month ago today (Happy Anniversary darling!). Yes, I got married to my gorgeous Lyndel and I haven’t been happier. 🙂

As for how did I know? Well, all I can say, is that unlike past experiences, there were no reservations, we were both happy and wanted the same things, and quite simply – it felt right. Lots of things had been sorted between us already and we both know that good communication and our attitudes towards life and each other will serve us well in facing the future and all it’s gifts/difficulties together.

The wedding was amazing but a blur. Thankfully a good friend has recorded it, so we are able to watch and take in all the nuances over again. It was amazing to have all our beloved family and friends to be there to share our special day. It was lovely to have Lyndels father actually marry the two of us, and to have our siblings read and sing for us during the ceremony. I even manged to control the nerves enough to sing Amazing Grace with my mate Webb. (Lyndel arranged the harmonies).

My beautiful sister got the most amazing present for us, wedding photographers all the way from the US whose work we had seen and loved. We are in the process of seeing their results and enjoying the fab pics.


The reception went by quickly with lots of cake, dancing and chatting. We tried to spend time with each person a couple of times during the night and I think we succeeded. We hope that everyone had a lovely time amongst themselves anyhow.

Our honeymoon was a brief 3 weeks in the USA, not really enough time to see such a large diverse place, but we did manage to see the most important things to us. Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. Yosemite, The Grand Canyon and Monument Valley were absolutely amazing natural wonders. Awe inspiring size, colours and atmosphere.








As a Cirque du Soleil fan, Las Vegas was awesome with no fewer than 6 of their shows on offer of which we saw 2 and cancelled another. Some good friends there helped us enjoy sights and experiences that only locals would know about. Lyndel loved Vegas so much we returned in lieu of our Southern California leg. Other shows we enjoyed there were Criss Angel (illusionist) and Marc Savard (hypnotist). I actually was selected to be on stage for the whole hypnotist show which was a lot of fun (won’t be sharing the footage with too many though!). We also enjoyed time on the Navajo reservation, and the San Fransisco Bay region was absolutely lovely including the must see Alcatraz. Hollywood was a bit of a dive although Beverley Hills was beautiful!

The food portion sizes must have agreed with me (plus very little exercise while on holidays) as I put on 6kg in 3 weeks!!  Should come off now I’m back into training or at least I’ll turn it into functional muscle.

Back into the swing of things now, and looking forward to getting a few projects underway. Catch up with you all soon.




  1. This looks like it was a lot of fun !! I will really have to catch up with you for coffee or something so you and Lyndel can tel me all about it! 😀

    Glad you enjoyed it though!

    Now move your big belly and get in push up position! 😀

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