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The Home of Brisbane Kung Fu and The Traditional School of Chinese Martial Arts

Sifu Jason King


Brisbane Kung Fu was previously known as The Traditional School of Chinese Martial Arts; Wu Zen Dao. Founded locally in 1990, Dr. Yi-Yen (Ian) Lee created Wu Zen Dao (The Way of Martial Arts Zen), a martial arts academy where students can develop their physical body through Chinese martial arts, their mind through research and training, and ultimately their spiritual body through qi gong, meditation and living the Way of Martial Art Zen. Brisbane Kung Fu is renowned for its expert tuition in Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Ji. With ongoing links to China and Taiwan, Brisbane Kung Fu has firmly established itself as a leading Kung Fu Academy in Australia.


Upcoming Events at Brisbane Kung Fu

BKF Kids Class – special guest instructor – Shifu Kevin The @ Scout Hall, Holland Park
May 28 @ 10:15 am – 11:45 am
Has been with Shifu Jason since the very beginning.

Shifu Kevin The has been training in Chinese Martial Arts for 28 years specialising predominantly in Tai Ji and the internal systems.

Shifu Kevin has been training in Chinese Martial arts for over 28 years – specialising in Tai Ji Quan and internal systems, and like Shifu Jason, was a disciple of Master Ian Lee. I have been training under Shifu Kevin with Tai Ji for 2 years now and can testify that he brings a wealth of knowledge with him.

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